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How have you handled your divorce at work?

Your marital split is bound to impact your job. Use these tips to give yourself one less thing to worry about for the next chapter of your life.

What are some issues a prenuptial agreement can cover?

Prenuptial agreements can cover more than just who owns a car or a painting, including some provisions so offbeat that you may have never considered them.

Can entrepreneurs overvalue their businesses?

You might run the risk of overvaluing your business, as it is not uncommon for business owners to overestimate how much their operations are worth.

Are you in a common law marriage?

In Texas, common law marriage is a legally recognized type of marriage and you will have to go through the legal process of divorce to end the marriage.

Keeping or selling your home in a divorce

While navigating the emotional aspect of how to address a home in a divorce, you should carefully assess the financial facts as well.

Why are divorce trials so rare?

If you are a Texan facing the end of a marriage, you may wonder if your divorce will end up in a trial, but divorce trials are rare.

What happens with pets in a divorce?

According to the Houston Chronicle, Texas law treats pets as property without regard to the emotional connections you and your family have to the pet.

Modifying Texas child support

When circumstances change, the current court-ordered child support payment may no longer be sufficient for your son or daughter’s needs.

What is a Standard Possession Order?

If you cannot agree on a custody plan the Texas Code makes provision for a Standard Possession Order, the default custody arrangement and parenting plan.

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